VNA Foundation

Through county and state grants, VNA Foundation has the opportunity to serve underprivileged communities. Two of our most successful programs are Operation Keeping Kids Safe (OKKS) and Targeted Case Management (TCM).

Operation Keeping Kids Safe (OKKS) is a unique and innovative service model that addresses both unintentional and intentional injury prevention in Orange County. Through home visitation, our goal is to decrease the incidence of childhood injury, disability, and death. We seek out families with children under 5 years old who reside in motels and low-income housing. Low-income families are frequently unable and/or unwilling to access services due to a lack of transportation and/or childcare, financial concerns, emotional/psychosocial instability, and literacy/communication barriers.

Home visitation has not only been found to be an effective strategy for preventing child abuse, but also reducing the social isolation of parents and empowering them to take a more active part in their children’s lives. Based on those findings, OKKS staff provides in-home services specific to each family’s needs in order to better educate and teach the parents safety practices. Finally, OKKS installs appropriate safety equipment considering the children’s age, developmental stage, and the physical environment.

Associated with OKKS is our Targeted Case Management program. In TCM, we specifically seek out families that live in low-income residential motels. The TCM program assists MediCal beneficiaries to gain access to needed medical attention, social services, and education. The case manager interviews the family and assesses needs on a case-by-case basis.

VNA Foundation graciously accepts donations to support our efforts to help underprivileged communities. Please send any support to:
2520 Red Hill Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92705

VNA Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation